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Quality and technology

Parameterized systems & standard documentation

To ensure that each order will be processed with the same efficiency and the same quality, we have implemented several systems that intervene at different times in the process of an order. Whether the collection of characteristics of the actuator design when making the order, or to calculate the dimensions of the product that will meet all applicable standards of the Safety Code for elevators, lifts and stairs Mechanical (CSA B44-10 & ASME A17.1-2010) through the control of manufacturing supplies, our softwares are perfectly suited to respond quickly and effectively to your needs.


Our standard welding procedures all have been approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and are revalidated annually by the organization to ensure efficiency and quality of our working methods.

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Checklists & internal quality audits

To ensure that your product leaves our facility in accordance with your demands, we set up, for each order, a custom inspection checklist for each work station. These lists are used when the current product comes in and when it leaves the workstation, making everyone involved in the quality of the product manufactured.
Quality audits are also occasionally conducted in-house to ensure that procedures are followed and lead to the expected results.

Cylinder testing process

Although we make every effort to ensure that the order is filled with the proper supplies, it is possible that a product causes troubles during the utilization or the installation phase.
This is why we have developed quality assurance methods that are able to validate that the product will perform properly once installed. The sealing of the casings (air test) and their alignment are checked for all cylinder types except for telescopic jacks that are tested with oil to ensure it is sealed and that its synchronism is set up properly.