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First section diameter
1½’’ à 8’’
Number of sections
Up to 4

Unique, the synchronized telescopic cylinder offers a smooth and safe travel for its users while promoting a more compact installation. This type of cylinder works for either passengers or freights.

Standard equipment
    • 2 sections jack (filled with oil)
Optional accessories
    • Inground configuration
    • Follower guides
    • Number of sections (3 or 4 instead of 2)
  • Constant speed deployment of sections.
  • Smaller drilling costs when compared to a single stage inground jack for the same purposes
  • Accessible to confined areas
  • Easy and fast installation without any specific preparation since the jack is supplied with hydraulic oil
  • Larger number of moving parts on this model.
  • This particular design is more complex in the manufacturing process. However, improvements are constantly made to help you maintain it.
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